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Oncogenic signaling pathways as therapeutic targets in breast cancer

Our laboratory studies oncogene and tumor suppressor induced cancer-specific cellular programs, which cause therapeutic vulnerabilities in breast cancer.

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Pharmacological intervention of SARS-CoV-2 entry mechanisms by blockade of TMPRSS activity

The Klefström laboratory has been identifying and developing chemical and pharmacological inhibitors against hepsin/TMPRSS family members for a long time with the goal of preventing cancer invasion. Some of our drugs or drug-like molecules could be repurposed to prevent SARS-CoV-2 entry to cells, potentially offering a fast-track treatment option for the COVID-19 disease.

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Klefström research group is heavily involved in Cancer IO (a cancer immunotherapy focused top-level collaborative research and innovation project).Naturally we'd like to mention the sebinar (seminar + web seminar) series that will be publicly available throughout this collaboration.More information (including the program) here:cancerio.org/2021/03/03/cancer-io-sebinar/Link to the zoom event: helsinki.zoom.us/j/65540541233?pwd=cTlrOWZaWndxV3l0OWZZaFZXcGJVdz09 ... See MoreSee Less
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We are so proud of Shishir’s journey as a scientist. His passion for science is evident inside and outside the lab (as can be seen with his scientific outreach pursuits). He has brought constant positive energy into the lab, and we will miss him greatly when he takes on the next adventure. Listen in on his thesis defense here: helsinki.zoom.us/j/62521393338?pwd=RFo2OCtQbW5WZEEwTXU4aDNwS0Npdz09 ... See MoreSee Less
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8 months ago

Cancer IO
Cancer IO:n tutkimusjohtaja Juha Klefström on nimitetty Suomen Syöpäinstituutin FICAN tutkijaprofessoriksi, lämpimät onnittelut Juha! ✨Nimityksen myötä syöpätutkimuksen merkitys Kansallisen syöpäkeskuksen FICANin toiminnassa vahvistuu, hienoa! Cancer IO jatkaa tiivistä yhteistyötä FICANin kanssa tutkimuksen ja hoidon kehittämiseksi. Kansallisen syöpäkeskuksen FICAN (Finnish Cancer Center) muodostavat viisi lääketieteellisten yliopistojen ja sairaanhoitopiirien perustamaa alueellista syöpäkeskusta sekä toimintaa koordinoiva kansallinen yksikkö. Voit tutustua FICANiin STM:n sivuilla: stm.fi/syopakeskusKuva: Tuukka Kiviranta#fican Klefström Research Group #syöpätutkimus #kansallinensyöpäkeskus #ficansouth ... See MoreSee Less
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