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Oncogenic signaling pathways as therapeutic targets in breast cancer

Our laboratory studies oncogene and tumor suppressor induced cancer-specific cellular programs, which cause therapeutic vulnerabilities in breast cancer.

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Lab Retreat 2017

The annual Klefström research group lab retreat took place at Serena waterpark on February 2017. The two-day lab retreat inspired scientific discussions and debates across a wide range of cancer-related topics. After the scientific presentations of the day, KlefaLab members enjoyed a wonderful dinner in ‘Kota’ and cheerful live music. On the second day, the group discussed the lab management issues and came up with ideas on how to enhance interactions and collaborations within a research group.

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Roosa nauha keräys meneillään. Duudsonit: "Totuus on se, että jos on pelännyt niin aina on voinut sanoa ei. On voinut valita toisin. Syövässä sitä valintaa ei oo." ... See MoreSee Less

Roosa nauha 2017 on hatunnosto Rohkeudelle. Se ylistää rohkeutta sen kaikissa eri muodoissa, eikä tunnista vain yhtä tapaa olla rohkea. Roosa nauha on kunnianosoitus naisille ja heidän rohkeudelleen sekä monimuotoiselle elämälle ja tavalle elää.

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Breast cancer - bringing the Lab Rats and Rabbits together ... See MoreSee Less

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The “Syöpä NYT” symposium will be arranged on the 14th of September 2017 at Biomedicum Helsinki by the Faculty of Medicine and the Cancer Foundation. Everyone interested is welcome!

Young Cancer Researcher Session
"United we stand against cancer, divided we fall"
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"If you’re not often wrong, you’re not at the frontier. If you’re not willing to go out on a limb and throw out ideas, then you’re not pushing the envelope."

- Dr. Lewis C. Cantley
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